Julia Micaux


Currently a 2nd-year PhD student on the HippoXia project (supervisor : Dr Marion Noulhiane).

I am studying the neural adaptability of the hippocampus to hypoxia, combining multimodal neuroimaging and cognitives assessements in a cohort of freedivers.

In fact, while hypoxia has detrimental effects on the nervous system, the performance of freedivers suggests that the brain has adaptive mechanisms to low oxygen supply. Freediving sports provide a natural model for studying the effects of repeated hypoxic exposure on brain function in healthy individuals. In particular, the hippocampal formation, which is crucial for episodic memory, is very sensitive to hypoxia. The lactate produced during hypoxia could promote neurogenesis and contribute to compensatory mechanisms.

Our project aims to compare the anatomical-functional aspects and memory performance of “freedivers” versus “non-freedivers” to study the adaptive mechanisms in the brain after prolonged and repeated exposure to controlled hypoxia during training. This will shed light on the neural plasticity mechanisms underlying this adaptation and pave the way for therapeutic strategies for various neurological conditions that damage hippocampal formation, such as perinatal hypoxia, stroke, or amnesic ictus etc.


  • Articles

J. Micaux, A. Troudi Habibi, M. Noulhiane, and F. Mauconduit, “Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion in Hypoxia: An updated Review of techniques, technical artifacts, and CBF quantification,” In Prep.

Rouy, M., Pereira, M., Saliou, P., Sanchez, R., El Mardi, W., Sebban, H., Baqué, E., Dezier, C., Porte, P., Micaux, J., de Gardelle, V., Mamassian, P., Moulin, C.J.A., Dondé, C., Roux, P., Faivre, N., 2023. Confidence in visual detection, familiarity and recollection judgments is preserved in schizophrenia spectrum disorder. Schizophrenia (Heidelb) 9, 55. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41537-023-00387-4

  • Communications

Micaux J., Noulhiane M., Apnée et Cerveau Newsletter, 2023

Micaux J., Poiret C., Zhao J., Boumezbeur F., Mauconduit F., Allinger J., Chiron C., Noulhiane M., Adaptabilité anatomique de l’hippocampe à l’hypoxie et mémoire épisodique. SFRMBM 2023

Micaux J., Poiret C., Zhao J., Boumezbeur F., Mauconduit F., Chiron C., Noulhiane M., Does freediving lead to hippocampal adaptability to hypoxia and maintenance of episodic memory? OHBM 2024


2022-Present. PhD in Neurosciences, University of Paris Cité.


2009-2020. BSc DRUG & MEDICINAL PRODUCT ANALYSIS, University of Limerick (Ireland)

2017-2019. BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING DEGREE – BIOLOGICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS, University institute of technology (Quimper)


  • Using Python for Research – Harvard University – 2022
  • Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) – University of Michigan – 2022
  • Information Technology and Internet Certificate 2 – 2018
  • Ethique de la recherche – 2023
  • Intégrité scientifique dans les métiers de la recherche – 2023
  • Cours CENIR : Session thématique “Fondamentaux en IRM et IRM multimodale” – 2023
  • Cours Centrale-Supélec : Physique de l’IRM – module « Technologies Imagerie Médicale » – 2023
  • Online conference: Writing a paper – 2024

Teaching experience

  • Teaching assistant (chargée de TD)

10h : UE PSP1 Les bases en neurosciences – Université Boulogne, Institut de Psychologie – 2024

Diffusion of science

Leading Workshops :

  • “Anthocyanes and pH” for primary school students – Limoux High School, 2017
  • Banana DNA extraction for primary school students – Limerick, 2019
  • Semaine du cerveau : “A la découverte des différentes techniques d’IRM” – NeuroPsi Saclay, 2024
  • Cognivence forum – Paris, 2022

Newsletters :

  • Apnée et cerveau n°1 : “Hypoxie et activité cérébrale”
  • Apnée et cerveau n°2 : “Hypoxie et métabolisme cérébral”
  • Apnée et cerveau n°3 : “Hypoxie et mémoire”