HippoMnesis Group : Hippocampal adaptability and development of episodic memory

The thematic aims at determining the role of the hippocampal subfields (HSF) in episodic memory (EM) via neuroimaging in healthy individuals and those with hippocampal lesions from children to adults. Different multidisciplinary neuroimaging methodologies are developed to address these issues: structural MRI and automatic segmentation of hippocampal subfields (deep learning model), structural and functional connectivity, MR spectroscopy, arterial spin labeling (ASL) perfusion.

Team Leader

Marion Noulhiane

leader of HippoMensis Group


Received her PhD in Neurosciences (2007) at the University of PM Curie under the supervision of Prof Séverine Samson and Dr Dominique Hasboun. During her graduate training, she focused on the role of the hippocampus (MRI, MEEG) in episodic memory and timing (cognitive neuroscience & neuropsychology) in healthy participants and temporal epileptic patients. Her PhD work proposed a volumetric anaysis of mesiotemporal structures. In 2010, she integrated NeuroSpin and joined the UNIACT Unit. In 2014, she obtained her HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches; highest degree achievable in France). She currently supervises the HippoMnesis Group in the UNIACT team.

Main projects are: 1. Neuroimaging of episodic memory development during childhood (MemoDev). 2. A Fast and Robust Hippocampal Subfields Segmentation (HSF). 3. Breath-hold divers: a relevant model to test adaptability of Hippocampal formation to Hypoxia? (HippoXia)
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Ph.D. Students


PhD Student

I am a first year PhD student at NeuroSpin (CEA) with a master degree in neurosciences from Sorbonne University. I am currently working on the neural adaptability of the hippocampus to hypoxia, combining multimodal neuroimaging and cognitives assessements in a cohort of freedivers.
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Laetitia Chambrun

PhD Student

I am

Clément POIRET

PhD Student

I'm a first year PhD student, specialized in Deep Learning and Statistics. I personally enjoy Biology, Physics, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, and solving problems 🙂


Sandesh Patil


I’m an Engineer with a Research Master’s degree in System Intelligence from École Nationale Supérieure de l’Électronique et de ses Applications. I worked as an intern, followed by a Research Engineer at NeuroSpin under the supervision of Marion Noulhiane since April 2019. I do Multivariate Statistics and Machine Learning on neuroimaging data. I have been working on Automatic and Manual segmentation of the human brain’s hippocampus using Anatomical and Functional MRI methods to understand it’s maturation and relation with episodic memory during it’s developmental phase.


Research Engineer

Abir is currently finalizing her PhD thesis in biophysics, radiophysics, and medical imaging at the University of Tunis El-Manar. She specializes in multimodal MRI imaging, focusing on functional MRI, diffusion MRI, and perfusion ASL MRI techniques to quantify cognitive memory loss in pediatric posterior fossa tumor survivors. Her doctoral research proposes a template for automatically extracting nerve fiber bundles in studies and extracting quantitative tractography parameters to obtain cognitive loss biomarkers. In 2012, she integrated into INSERM and joined the ToNIC research center. She is currently working on the HippoXia project under the supervision of Dr. Marion Noulhiane

Master's Students

Jingwen Zhao


I am a Master Student...

Paul Charpentier


I am a Physics and Cognitive Science student at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. When I was in Engineering school, I did a one-month internship at NeuroSpin and kept working with the team aside school 5 additional months. I studied long-axis hippocampal functional specialization during development. I was under Dr. Noulhiane supervision and worked with A. Bouyeure. My report was presented at the ENS’ entry exam and got me in.

Gaëlle Bleuzen


I am a Master Student in Neuropsychology at Université de Paris. I’ve always been interested in the intertwining of neurobiology and psychology ; to witness it from a clinical perspective is particularly inspiring to me ! This year my focus is on episodic memory in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Eliot Gerretsen


I am a 2nd-year Master’s student in Neuropsychology and Clinical Neurosciences at the University Grenoble-Alpes. I have always been interested in the functioning of memory, and more particularly in its development during childhood. That is why, since last year, I study the development of memory in link with specific hippocampus subfields as the dentate gyrus, first in healthy children, and this year in children with epilepsy, under the direction of Marion Noulhiane.

Clara Champy


I am a 2nd-year Masters student in neuropsychology at the University of Paris. More specifically, I study the effects of neonatal hypoxia on the hippocampus and therefore on the development of episodic memory in preschool and school-age children, under the supervision of Marion Noulhiane. I’m also personally interested in neurodevelopmental disorders and cognitive-behavioral therapy


Dhaif Bekha

I am a Data Scientist with 4+ years of experience in neurosciences working with Marion Noulhiane team on diffusion MRI and functional MRI exploring and studying neural correlates of episodic and autobiographical memory in children cohort. I am now working in a complete other field but I still gladly act as a punctual consultant on technical matter.

Antoine Bouyeure

PhD Student

I am a 4th-year PhD student, working on the maturation of the neural correlates of episodic and autobiographical memory during childhood. I am using various MRI methods (fined-grained anatomical data of the hippocampus, diffusion MRI, functional MRI) to understand how brain maturation shapes memory development.
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Roselyne Chauvin

I am a Post-doc researcher at Washington University in Saint Louis, US. Marion Noulhiane supervised my master internship in 2014 and we continued collaborating ever since. For example I received Antoine twice at the Donders Institute, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, when I was there in PhD, to apply new connectivity methods on his developmental data.

Alicia Lefebvre

Artist fascinated by neuroscience and cognitive science that she's studied at university, Alicia Lefebvre manages to intelligently bridge art and science by producing works of art-science inspired by the contemporary scientific imaging to which the general public has relatively little exposure. Her work is an ode to all aspects of life, she magnifies the microscopic elements, and gives them all the necessary importance to make real objects of contemplation as much as aesthetic as intellectuals. She visits all kind of schools, from 3 years old kids at school, to students at university to help them understand their course dealing with the nervous system. With Marion Noulhiane collaboration, her work visits University amphithatres like at Paris Descartes, to help students understanding this invisible and fascinating world, with fabric-made cells, paintings and videos.

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